Rhythmic gymnastics coach at Rose City Rhythmic /Portland OR

Rose City Rhythmic has an immediate opening for a part-time, full-time coaching position.

Candidates must be able to:

  • Demonstrate strong communication and personal relations skills
  • Work well with children and be a motivational coach
  • Show commitment to the program’s high standards
  • Knowledge of J.O. program, code of points, and appropriate skill progressions for each level
  • Organize of workouts, lesson plans and meet schedules,
  • Oversee recreational program and coaches development
  • Communicate with parents
  • Must have experience as a competitive rhythmic gymnastics coach or be previously a high level gymnast in the past
  • Ensure the safety of students
  • Oversee recreational program and coaches development

Applicants must pass Background Check and all safety certifications. Must love children and have a passion for teaching rhythmic gymnastics. Pay ($15-25/hr) and hours depend on experience.

If you are an interested candidate, please send your resume to

Summer part-time dance instructor

Rose City Rhythmic is looking for a part-time dance coach for rhythmic gymnastic team for the upcoming summer (July-August) with possibility to extension in the fall.
Preferred: Latin, ballroom and contemporary dance experience with emphasis of expression movement, posture and representation of various cultural dance movements.
Hrs: Thursday, Friday 1-2 pm.   Jazz and contemporary training could be considered as well.
Rate: $25-40 per hr, commensurate with experience.
Rose City Rhythmic is a part of PDX sports program with various possibilities in coaching dance, ballet and recreational rhythmic gymnastic classes. Join our team of coaches!  We are located at 8785 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR, facilities include gym, dance and ballet studio.

If you are an interested candidate, please send your resume to