Competitive teams

Competitive Program


Rose City Rhythmic’s competitive program prepares gymnasts for local, state, regional, and national events. The competitive program begins with Level 4, which is the beginner competitive level, and continues to Level 10, which is the level at which a gymnast may qualify for the U.S. National Championships. Competitive gymnasts practice two to five days per week, compete in three to six competitions per year, and perform in exhibitions.  Gymnasts are placed in the competitive team by recommendation of the coaching staff, based on age, skill, interest, and commitment.Rose City Rhythmic provides a high quality, positive training environment, allowing each gymnast to fulfill her potential in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics.  Joining the team carries additional responsibilities and commitment, but also many rewards including fun, friendship, setting goals, and achievement.Please call 503-902-4812 or  contact us for more information about the Rose City Rhythmic team.