Advanced stretch

Advance stretch is 1 hour class. Our experienced team coaches are offering advanced stretch and flexibility classes.  The one-hour class focuses on safe and effective techniques for increasing flexibility in the back, hips, legs and shoulders to enhance performance in other sports and activities such as figure skating, all types of dance, and martial arts.  Each student will progress at their own rate, with an emphasis on proper technique. Please Note, Advanced Stretch is for 6+ years old only. 

We want to introduce our new exciting program for kids that are involved with ice-skating – Stretch clases. Ice-Skating requires more than ever techniques that are utilized in gymnastics along with the benefits of perfecting elements off the ice rink. We are creating a specific program to work on physical conditioning, and to develop strength and flexibility, elements that are vital for enhancing ice-skating on the recreational level, and more specifically in the competitive arena.